What Does Morgan Freeman Think Of Ben Affleck Being Cast As The Batman?

POSTED ON: 2013-08-28 12:20:52 - POSTED BY: themoviejudge

It seems everyone has an opinion on the surprised casting of Ben Affleck as the NEW Batman, even Morgan Freeman. For those who don't know Morgan Freeman and Ben Affleck costarred together in The Sum of All Fears and It was only a few years ago that Morgan Freeman starred as Lucius fox in the Nolan Batman trilogy, so he has a keen insight into Affleck and his acting abilities and whether or not he thinks he will be able to deliver in such an iconic role. Here's what Freeman had to say on Affleck.

This is the first I am hearing of it. My first reactions are "Wow" and "Good luck". After the trilogy, I thought that no one would try it again for a few years more to let this whole thing die down. Because it's still there. So I don’t know, I hope Ben does well.

Freeman also dismissed the idea of a possible return to Snyders version of the Batman and Superman movie.

If the new movie does have a Lucius Fox I don’t think it’s going to be me. It doesn’t seem to work to mix characters in the movies. If you are going to change the lead character, you’re probably going to change all the characters.

I for one think Affleck will be a great Batman. I think this is going to be the role that will change the worlds perception of him being just an average actor. He's already showed that he has the chops to deliver in Argo and The Town. I think he's going to deliver on this one too.

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