The Wolverine

POSTED ON: 2013-08-13 19:46:24 - POSTED BY: themoviejudge
The Judge gives The Wolverine...

Great idea, make a Wolverine movie and take away his powers. Idiots.

The Wolverine sits in my stomach, like a bad curry. In a lot of ways I hate this piece of crap and in others I kind of liked it.

You have Logan, Aka 'The Wolverine', he has claws made of Adamantium - the word on the street is that's some pretty good shit. Well on top of that he has this super regeneration ability to help him heal wounds ridiculously fast, sounds like a blast. Well, without giving anything fundamental away,something bad happens and he loses some of his healing ability.

It's annoying more than anything. I'm sure in their minds they thought,

Random Exec 1: "ok cool lets add another layer to 'The Wolverine' lets make him mortal, so he can y'know die and stuff".

Random Exec 2: "Great idea broski, lets go for some broshakes at the bar and think of other cool things to add into the movie, wait what's the movie called again?".

What a great idea. WRONG.

It's the worst idea ever doing it to a superhero movie, you know why? Because It's a fucking superhero movie. I want to see him do SUPER THINGS. I don't want to see him be a normal man. It's a good job he still had his fucking claws or I would of walked out.

What did I like?

Apart from that little gripe It's not a bad movie. It has moments where It shines, where I felt myself being quite immersed in the story (as much as one can be with a Wolverine movie). The Wolverine is a movie that could of been really great, with a better Director and Screenplay I think it could of been the Wolverine movie we all deserved, It's a shame Darren Aronofsky pulled out of the movie, I think it would have been another beast entirely.

The Future of Wolverine

I think The Wolverine has a lot of stories still left to tell. We have Jackman who's superb in the role and word is that he's signed on for another 4 Wolverine movies. Which is good. I just hope they can lobby for something better next time. Watch The Wolverine and enjoy it for what it is, It's never going to be anything other than decent. It's still better than that piece of shit Green Lantern.

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