The Conjuring

POSTED ON: 2013-08-15 23:10:58 - POSTED BY: themoviejudge
The Judge gives The Conjuring...

You'll like it, you might even be scared. A group of teenagers ran out of the movie theatre half way through, scared little bitches.

There are two things you have to know about themoviejudge, I like syrup on my pancakes and I don't scare easy. Well, The Conjuring scared me.

What sets this movie apart from most demonic possession movies?

I'll be honest, the premise of the movie sounds about as clich├ęd as you can get, however they deal with these themes very well. Most movies of this genre centre around a family moving into a spooky old house, you always think to yourself.

Ok, you've seen spooky shit happen, get the hell out of the house, why are you still there? Get the fuck out. It always bugs me. In The Conjuring however they don't gloss over it and give reasoning as to why they can't leave. That's all I want a rationale. It delivers on that.

Also, It's usually the kids who get scared first by the poltergeist demon thing AND no one ever believes them until the last minute. Which is annoying. You've seen proof, it's not just the wind. Just listen to what the kid is telling you. In this movie, EVERYONE believes them straight away. It's honest and doesn't follow the conventional rules.

Is it worth my money?

The Conjuring is frightening and has moments of stupidity but for the most part It's well thought out. Sure the premise is quite ridiculous but It's the movie you signed up for, which is fine. You have to accept it for what it is and believe the story. In all honesty, I will never watch this movie again, I really don't ever feel like I'll need to. I would highly recommend it If anyone ever wanted a scary movie to watch and hadn't seen it before though. In the end that's all you can really ask for. Something that delivers what it sets out to do. Scare you.

No annoying characters

Sometimes in movies like this, there's always some annoying little scrotum that you just cant wait to die. Sometimes the climactic comeuppance occurs and you shriek in a fit of joy at their death. Well in this movie there isn't really any annoying characters, they're all quite well received, even the kids. No annoying little shit bags..

Check it out. You'll like it, you might even be scared. A group of teenagers ran out of the movie theatre half way through, the youth of today have no balls.

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