The Amazing Spider-Man

POSTED ON: 2013-08-05 18:09:22 - POSTED BY: themoviejudge
The Judge gives The Amazing Spider-Man...

Amazing. No emo Toby Maguire, things are already looking up.

The best thing about The Amazing Spider-Man is the lack of emo Toby Maguire, I think Spider-Man 3 upset a lot of people, after the success of the second they really had a great opportunity to introduce Venom, however they blew it. They gave Toby a tub of hair gel and said 'Go get em' kid'. It was actually one of the most creepiest scenes in the whole of cinema seeing Emo Peter Parker walking through New York City throwing gun signs at all the ladies.

So going into The Amazing Spider-Man I was excited to see how they could retell the story from a different perspective. Let me start off by saying it's a great movie, The villains feel right, the new Peter Parker is cast brilliantly, tall slim and lanky like how I'd imagine Spider-Man to be, also, they introduce mechanical web shooters, as opposed to organically grown webbing, I think this is a good addition and can use it as an arc in upcoming sequels! So there we have it, check it out, it's pretty great. Here's another review done by your friendly neighbourhood Judge.

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