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The Judge gives R.I.P.D....

I enjoyed R.I.P.D. for two things, Jeff Bridges and his beard.

Am I the only one who actually liked R.I.P.D.? It seems to be it's been getting slammed in the media - the consensus is that the critics hate it. I think I must have missed the bandwagon though. In all honesty I really enjoyed R.I.P.D.

R.I.P.D. is about a cop who gets murdered, when he dies he gets the choice to work for the 'Rest In Peace Department', they're a team of dead police officers who make sure the dead get sent to hell and don't cause havoc on the world of the living.

What's good then?

Let me be honest R.I.P.D is not without flaws and the story seemed a little sloppy in places but I could tell it was at least going somewhere, it had direction. The character development was decent and the acting was good, and of course we have Bridges who just shines in just about every movie he's ever been in. Especially R.I.P.D. I found him hilarious.

Then we have Reynolds, who more often than not annoys me, however in this I didn't mind him so much.

I also really loved the dynamic of having Reynolds and Bridges when in the world of the living their identities changed, Reynolds was an old chinese man and Bridges was a hot blonde. I really liked this execution, I think it made the movie for me.

What could be improved?

I think the CGI was really badly done. The dead people looked very cartoonish and computerised, It kind of threw me off a little bit towards the end of the movie. I also think that the story seemed somewhat rushed, I was hoping for more detail on Bridges character, I think if anything they could have given him more of a story about his past, instead of just brushing over it.

R.I.P.D Is worth watching, perhaps you'll want to wait until DVD and not pay for it at the cinema, I didn't really have any expectations going into the movie but I am really glad that I checked it out. It's something I'd definitely watch again sometime and would check out a sequel if ever they make one.

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