Man of Steel

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The Judge gives Man of Steel...

Having laser beam eyes isn't always a bad thing.

There was a lot of hype that surrounded Man of Steel - with it being helmed by Snyder, written by Goyer and Nolan and scored by the great Hans Zimmer, It seemed only destined to succeed and that it did, for me. Man of Steel is a movie with great consequence and sacrifice, one which takes a superhero movie, strips it down and asks you the question.

What would it mean to be Super Man?

I think for Clark Kent, he's a man with an extraordinary burden. The burden of having the whole weight of the world on your shoulders. I think that's the guilt in Superman, he can't save everyone. There are times in his life when he just has to let people die, he can't be everywhere at once. Imagine being able to hear everyone on the planet, even the people he can't save. Knowing that they're crying out for help ...but in that moment he has to make the choice in who to save.

I think thats one of the fundamental messages they try to convey in Man of Steel. Sacrifice.

Nurture or nature?

One of the great things about Man of Steel, other than the brilliant score, visuals and stunning landscape is the way Snyder chops up and dissects parts of Clark's life which help him make vital decisions later in the movie, everything has purpose and for me it's reflected in how he was raised as a child by Martha and Jonathan Kent. They're also discovering what Clarks purpose is, except for them, they're thinking of how they can protect him.

You're the answer to 'Are we alone in the universe?' - Jonathan Kent

The Verdict

Man of Steel is a movie which will ultimately divide audiences. For me, It's the Super Man movie I've been waiting a very long time for.

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