Iron Man 3

POSTED ON: 2013-08-11 18:22:22 - POSTED BY: themoviejudge
The Judge gives Iron Man 3...

I'm sure toil, tears, and sweat went into this movie - It's still a blundering bag of crap.

****Small Spoilers ahead folks****

I'm not one to purposely dislike a movie, infact going into Iron Man 3 all I wanted to do was like it. I saw the trailers and was blown away, I thought, wow you know what, after the disaster of the second movie they've finally nailed it. Well I was wrong. Completely wrong. I've never been more wrong about anything in my entire life, I was that wrong.

The Lack Of Iron Man

Iron Man 3 started off good, It had a decent 20 minutes. I was fully invested In my mind I kept thinking "Great they've set up the story, the villains and the characters... Now bring out Iron Man". I waited another 40 minutes and Iron Man still didn't turn up, I signed up for Iron Man, not Tony Stark the movie, or Pepper Potts In an Iron Man suit, or Tony Stark controlling the Iron Man suit while he's not actually in the suit (he's doing it remotely).

Ridiculous baddies

Then we have the bad guys, these aren't your usual type of baddies, they've got LAVA hands. When they first appeared, I was like...really? you're going to throw this at me now, we've got someone as awesome as the Mandarin in an Iron Man movie and you're going to throw in some LAVA people... Oh but wait, they're not just any lava people, they glow red and can beat Iron Man quite convincingly, even to the point of ripping off his suit on one occasion- like it's made of tin or something.

I am now at peace

I'm done exhausting so much energy on this movie, you should make up your own mind whether or not you like it. I just think we are coming to an age, an age where we should be expecting more from our Superhero movies. With movies like The Avengers and The Dark Knight we have a right to expect more. Instead of being fobbed off for a second class movie which has endless flaws.

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