Ender's Game

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The Judge gives Ender's Game...

Ender's Game is a movie worth watching. Tiny children fighting always looks weird, but for some reason this movie pulled it off.

My favourite thing about Ender's Game was that it was honest. A lot of movies catered towards a younger demographic often tone down violence and themes to make a movie reach a broader audience. It's the Hollywood effect.

However, I was pleasantly surprised by Ender's Game. The story from the get-go is very honest and gratifying, I found myself feeling immersed in the world that DirectorGavin Hood has created. More often than not having a Director write the screenplay and Direct the movie is beneficial, not only do they emerge themselves into the story, tones and themes but also capture the true essence of the story.

The Good.

There were alot of visually beautiful moments in the movie, moments that were great to witness. Not only having breathtaking CGI but the cast helped soar the movie to new heights. Harrison Ford is brilliant as the tough and bold Colonel Graff who pushes Ender to his limits and beyond. I think without Harrison Ford's wonderful performance the movie wouldn't of had such a great emotional impact.

The main protagonist, Ender, was a hard role to fill. It was a role that had the entire movie rest on It's shoulders and In all honesty at the start of the movie I felt Asa Butterfield (Ender) wasn't the right for the role.

However, as the story progressed I felt myself being slowly won over by his great performance and It wasn't until half way through the movie I realised that this kid was perfect for the role, he delivered.

The Bad

There isn't that much bad in Ender's Game. It's a pretty solid movie. My only small gripe was that sometimes the movie felt a little rushed, the story progressed quite rapidly towards the latter end of the movie. I think I would have preferred to have seen more expansion and character development.

Is it worth the watch?

I would say yes. It is. It's a movie that kids will love, It's also a movie that adults will too. It reaches all, the humanity of the movie is what really sells it, It's a story you want to believe in, a story you're willing to fight for. Ender's Game is by no means a work of art, it is however a movie that leaves you with a feeling of satisfaction.

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Posted by: LeeLeeLoves2014-01-30 15:58:08Watched this last week, I ENJOYED IT!Agree with your verdict Judge.
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