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The Judge gives Elysium...

Elysium has genuine moments of awesomeness. The bald Matt Damon delivers.

For me to enjoy a movie it needs just a few simple ingredients, a decent story, good acting and consistency. Elysium had all that and more.

With Elysium movie critics have been split down the middle, some loved it and some hated it. I urge you not to ever listen to critics, more often than not they're wrong. Even me. Because ultimately all that matters is your experience with the movie. Sure we can point out themes and reasons why we thought it worked or didn't work but that shouldn't persuade you into watching it or not. You should make up your own decision, like it or hate it on your own terms.

Having said that, I'll tell you why I liked it. Maybe when you watch it you might like the same things as me.

Elysium could be a glimpse into the future

Elysium managed to capture the harsh reality of what life in the future could be like. Ran by militant leaders, using robots as police enforcers, having to live and survive on a dying planet with disease and suffering. I can see that being true one day.We're almost there really.

The premise of the movie is very simple, Matt Damon has to get to Elysium. Elysium is this big 'space station eco world' that's been created for the rich and the elite. They live there happy and content with their lives knowing that they can be cured from any disease. Well Matt Damon has gotten sick, he needs to get there or he will die.

The movie is a constant struggle of a sick and dying Matt Damon trying to find a way to get to Elysium, which isn't the easiest place to reach. Elysium is ran by a militant Jodie Foster and she doesn't like the idea of the rebels invading her lovely world. She will stop at nothing to ensure that.

Is it worth the hype?

Neill Blomkamp had a lot of pressure to deliver after the success of the massively acclaimed movie District 9. I think he managed it, Elysium isn't without it's flaws but for the most part it's a really enjoyable movie that will keep you entertained until the very end.

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