Some Weird Nicolas Cage Facts

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Lets be straight here, Nicolas Cage is crazy. Maybe even Gary Busey crazy...Just kidding nobody is Gary Busey crazy.. I'm in two minds about the man, the myth, the legend that is, Nicolas Cage. You see, in one hand we have a charismatic and charming actor who's starred in some of the coolest movies of all time (talking about his more early work with a few more recent exceptions). Then on the other, we have a batshit, fruitcake who on screen is mental and off screen is no doubt mental also.

Nic Cage once ate a cockroach...

Nic Cage once ate a cockroach

That's right, Nicolas Cage once ate a cockroach in the movie Vampire's Kiss. He said the experience wasn't pleasant and every muscle in his body didn't want to do it, but did it anyway. What an absolute bad ass.

Nic Cage hoards animals...

Nic Cage hoards animals

That's right, it's quite an odd one but Nic Cage loves to collect animals, more notably rare stuffed birds, lizards, multiple snakes and a bunch of octopus. Nic Cage really knows how to live an awesome life doesn't he.

Nic Cage bought a dinosaur skull...

Nic Cage bought a dinosaur skull

This is probably one of the most weird facts, although I'm not surprised. Nicolas Cage is a whirlwind who does whatever he wants to do, do you know why? Because he's a total bad ass. Reports state that Nicolas Cage once bought a $250,000 dinosaur skull after a crazy bidding frenzy with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Nic Cage once ate magic mushrooms with his cat...

Nic Cage once ate magic mushrooms with his cat

I take my previous statement back, this is probably the most bizarre fact, but also the most awesome at the same time. Nic Cage used to take magic mushrooms, well, not just on his own but with his furry feline friend, Lewis. The moral to the story is, if Nic Cage offers you mushrooms, you take the mushrooms.

Nic Cage can whoop some serious ass...


That's right, in case you thought Nic Cage was just a fancy actor and couldn't actually duke it out if he wanted to. Well you were wrong! He's actually trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under the legendary Royce Gracie. So If the fight went to the ground, I'm sure he'd whip a pretty slick Kimura on you.

Nic Cage was nearly Superman...

Nic Cage was nearly Superman

Yep, this one is quite common knowledge. However if you're unaware old Nicky boy tried out for the role of Kal-El in Tim Burtons Superman. Now you might sound surprised when I say Tim Burtons Superman...He didn't actually end up making it (thank god). I'm sure Nic would of played an awesome Superman, even though he's super awesome...I just can't see him playing the last son of Krypton!

Nic Cage got chased down by a mime artist...

Mime Artist

Nic Cage is a mega star, lets make no mistake about it. However when you'd think of the term groupies, you'd think of a bunch of hot girls waiting in line for you, however, Nic Cage had a groupie, but turned into more of a stalker and if that isn't bad enough the stalker was actually a mime artist who would sneak up on set and start doing strange things when Nic Cage was around. Finally, security managed to get rid of him and he hasn't seen the Mime since, thank god.

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