Some Movies With Friendly Aliens

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E.T. (E.T the Extra-Terrestrial)


E.T is probably one of the most famous friendly aliens of all time. E.T was filled with swagger and kindness. Mostly kindness though. The way he would waddle around pointing his little finger everywhere shouting EL-EEE-EHT, what a saint. Even though E.T was a charismatic, charming alien, who had great potential using the could tell he didn't have a bad bone in his body. That's to even say whether he had bones, maybe he has some kind of alien jelly bones instead.

Prot (K-PAX)


Kevin Spacey in K-PAX, I guess it's debatable whether or not he was an actual alien, maybe he was just a schizophrenic. Either way, I kind of wish he was an alien. He seemed nice enough, an alien who seemed to only want to help others - to which he did, most of the movie. K-PAX is one of those movies that is often kept under the radar, until people watch it, then they're like, wow - how the hell did that one creep by?

Paul (Paul)


Paul was the typical stoner alien (like that's a typical alien stereotype). He was embodied by the voice of Seth Rogan, who I constantly imagining seeing, even though he was a CGI alien. One of the best things about Paul was that he was very self obsessed, which was great. He was harmless but he totally loved himself. I think he was just a care free alien who just wanted to have a good time and a party, maybe a few hookers and a few lines of coke to go with it. Is that really such a bad thing?

Starman (Starman)


What is it with all these movies having the alien name the same as the movie title? Anyway, Starman is pretty much a classic and Starman is a classic alien takes human form to seem non threatening to humans (in reality they just wanted a famous guy to play an alien and not want to have to deal with prosthetics and alien makeup). In all honesty a young Jeff Bridges does look quite alien like, I mean, he plays the role perfectly. Starman is an alien who's trying to adapt to the culture and customs of an earthling, he finds if quite difficult actually, but wouldn't anyone? You'd imagine an alien race being far more advanced than ourselves, they'd think differently than us primitive monkeys.

Riddick (Pitch Black)


I guess it's safe to say Riddick is quite alien to ourselves. He's not a friendly alien per-say, but he's a good alien. When I say good alien, don't be misconstrued in thinking he helps give food to the homeless or anything like that, but he's actually inherently quite selfish but also very selfless if there's a cause he believes in. I think what I'm trying to say is that he's very sincere in his beliefs and protects those around him who are in need of help. The bald son of a bitch deserves to be on an alien list. Go forth Riddick, you nut job.

Superman (Kal-El)


I think everyone knows Superman, if they don't they've been living under a rock, isolated from society or television. Superman is probably the kindest of aliens, a heart of gold some would say! He is an alien with honour, morality and an incredible sense of integrity, born on the planet Krypton and shipped to earth, to be raised as an earthling. He learnt the moral fibre of humanity first hand. Using his secret identity to stop the evil around the world and protect those who are in need.

Bumblebee (Transformers)


They kind of screwed up the movies in all honesty, the first one was great though. Transformers might look like nothing more than old car parts but they're pretty cool, they can transform into all kinds of stuff. Like cars and what not. What's not to like? Cybertron is gone (the Transformers homeworld). So they took their war here, to earth. On one side we have the good guys, the Autobots and on the evil side we have the Decepticons. Because they're like, deceptive....n' stuff. The Autobots however, they're lovely. Especially Bumblebee. Bumbleebee tries to protect Sam, he often puts his life in jeopardy in order to do so, which is awesome. He also likes to have a few jokes, he can only talk through the car radio mind you, what a pity.

Yoda (Star Wars)


The force is strong with you padawan (I'm sure if Yoda actually said that he would probably re order it somewhat). In all honesty, every character in Star Wars is alien, Yoda is the best though, the pint-sized green midget surely packs a punch. He's the Master too. No one can step to Yoda. To say Yoda is a couple of hundred years old, walks around with a walking stick he certainly knows how to kick some ass when he needs to. He's also a very friendly alien. He tries to protect the universe for christ sake. True, the Jedi order is very cult like, however they're inherently good. As is Master Yoda.

Klaatu (The Day The Earth Stood Still)


Ok lets get one thing straight, Klaatu started out wanting to destroy the earth, that's not very friendly. However by the end he did see the good in humanity (I'm not sure how exactly). However, Klaatu saw the error in his ways and did what he could to save us, to save our species. Which is, quite nice of him actually. If ever I meet him, I'll make sure to say thanks, thanks Mr.Intergalactic enforcer for not destroying my planet, everyone I love (or something to that effect).

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