5 Reasons Why Ben Affleck Is Going To Be A Great Batman

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When the story broke that Ben Affleck was going to don the cape and become The Dark Knight people criticised the decision - and to some extent, quite rightly. However, now that the dust has settled and people have come to terms with the idea, the question I ask the doubtersis... could you be wrong?

For me, the answer is yes.

Let me take you on a journey for a minute, lets pretend we live in a world where Ben Affleck has only just burst onto the Hollywood scene and let's also pretend that he's only ever starred in Good Will Hunting, The Town and Argo. If this fictional world was reality people would be loving the idea of him becoming the next Batman.

The reality is though, that's not the case - he's had some blunders and a lot of them. He's has made some dreadful movie decisions and his acting has been pretty awful in most of them too.

I'll give you my reasons why I think Ben Affleck will be a good Batman. I'm not trying to convince you, I promise, not even a little bit.

1. He can act

It's true that Affleck hasn't always been the most consistent of actors...mostly a case of 'Nicolas Cage syndrome' where he makes bad movie decisions.

Sometimes good actors in bad movies makes good actors look bad.

What Ben Affleck does have though is the ability to be a good actor, which he's showcased in many movies... and also the ability to be great, in just a few. So the question is could a movie starring Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck that's Directed by Zack Snyder with a score from Hans Zimmer and a script from David Goyer have the potential to be GREAT?

Yes. Of course it can.

Good direction and the right people are the key. Affleck is in safe hands and this is where he will shine.

2. He's older

Since Affleck has gotten older he's not the same actor he once was. He's different, he's changed and evolved. He's become an actor and not a movie star. You can tell just by looking at him on screen, I don't see any arrogance anymore I only see someone who's passionate about his work, which shines through in amazing movies like Argo and The Town.

Earlier in his career is where he made most of his famous blunders - he's not a kid anymore.

3. He's smart

You don't co-write Good Will Hunting and win an Academy Award at the age of just 25 by being an idiot. He's someone that's taken the time to realise his mistakes and make a fresh start. Even after the catastrophe of 'Gigli' he still has a career, just a few years ago people said he would 'never work again' and now he's being cast in probably the biggest superhero movie of all time. Since his Directorial debut he's turned around everyones perceptions, he has become revered by his peers and critics. This is a man who knows what he's doing.

4. He looks like Bruce Wayne

I guess, aside from the acting part it's quite helpful to look like the character you're portraying. Affleck does. He looks more like Bruce Wayne than Bruce Wayne looks like....urm Bruce Wayne, the point is that he fits the bill. Besides, wearing the bat suit is just a small part of it and as long as the suit doesn't have fake nipples like the George Clooney incarnation he'll be fine. Maybe a few more pushups though.

5. He's not Daredevil anymore

No matter what happens, Affleck will probably always have the stigma of some of his earlier mistakes, Daredevil being one of them. The man who acted in Argo isn't the same man who starred in Daredevil, Affleck has matured and taken the time to hone his craft. It took a few years but he's at that point now, the point where he has taken the criticism that people had with him and used it as a positive effect rather than a negative.

He's not Daredevil, he's Batman.

Now he knows the world doesn't think he's got what it takes. He's going to prove the world wrong.

I said at the start of the article that I wasn't going to try and convince you that he'll make a great Batman, I wonder though, do you still feel the same?

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Posted by: Robbie2014-02-11 00:56:36The Town is a hugely under-rated/ unheard of film!
Posted by: adshodgson2014-01-14 16:42:05I agree!
Posted by: Stevo Ambler2013-08-24 20:59:48I totally agree I think with all the negativity he getting he will have something to prove and pull it out if the bag #suitupben
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