10 Films That Will Make You Cry Like A Girl

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There comes a time in everyones life when they find themselves affected by a movie and usually, a good box of Kleenex and a couple of shots of hard liquor is enough to bring you round to your senses, if you're in need of a good old cry be sure to check out the list below of some 'films that will make you cry'.

The Lion King - (6/10 on the cry scale)

The Lion King

The Lion King is quite the classic, it's one of those movies you can just watch again and again (well, maybe once or twice at least) and even though The Lion King is such a fantastic movie with incredible high points, there are indeed a few low points. Such as the sad sad scene when Mufasa falls into the stampede below, you see little Simba's face and you can't help but burst into tears...or at least pretend you have something in your eye and nip to the bathroom for a little sob.

Million Dollar Baby - (8/10 on the cry scale)

Million Dollar Baby

I feel sad even just thinking about this movie! Don't get me wrong, it's brilliant, it deserves all the acclaim it gets, although it's certainly a depressing movie that totally sucks the life out of you when you watch it, it's a movie you can only ever really watch once, unless you're gluten for punishment. Eastwood manages to capture pure human emotion, he makes you invest everything into it, then, just when you feel like everything is about to get better for the protagonist....BAM, everything just gets a million times worse. This film will make you cry like a little girl.

A Walk To Remember - (8/10 on the cry scale)

A Walk To Remember

A Walk To Remember is pretty high on the list of films that will make you cry, starring Mandy Moore and Shane West, this is a movie that you start watching thinking it's going to be a really sweet romance movie (which it is) but it's also incredibly sad and heart wrenching also. The story see's two young teenager who are thrown together after Landon (Shane West) gets in trouble and is made to do community service (that's kind of the happy part). Never mind a Walk to Remember, more like a walk over the edge of a cliff after you've watched this one.

The Green Mile - (7/10 on the cry scale)

The Green Mile

A brilliant movie by the great Director Frank Darabont. I think everyone who's ever watched The Green Mile found themselves thinking it was a brilliant movie, but for how good it is, it's certainly very sad. Michael Clarke Duncan plays the role brilliantly as inmate John Coffey, a man who's accused of child murder and rape but who also has an extraordinary gift. After you watch The Green Mile, make sure you feed yourself chocolate cake to cheer yourself up again. Extra ice cream too, you deserve it.

Seven Pounds - (7/10 on the cry scale)

Seven Pounds

Will Smith gives the performance of a lifetime, at least in my opinion. I always knew Will Smith was a brilliant actor but I think Seven Pounds, especially, helped me solidify that thought. I think the great thing about Seven Pounds is that, you're a little unsure of what's actually going on, well, until near the end. Then everything seems to make perfect sense. Without giving away any spoilers, it's just one of those movies that makes you appreciate what you have. Don't cry too much, girly pants.

Philadelphia - (7/10 on the cry scale)


The movie that won Tom Hanks an Academy Award. A man who's diagnosed with AIDS is fired by a law firm because of his condition. He then manages to hire a small time lawyer, the only man who's willing to advocate for a wrongful dismissal. Philadelphia is one of those movies I could only really watch once, I think for me once was enough, don't get me wrong, it's a brilliant movie, however, you just can't help but feel a little depressed after watching it. The ending gets me everytime.

Into the Wild - (4/10 on the cry scale)

Into the Wild

Based on a true story, Into the Wild is a movie that follows top student Christopher McCandless who abandons all of his assets and possessions and gives his entire savings to charity, then, hitchhikes to Alaska to give in the wilderness (sounds a little weird doesn't it?). The films rather weird but is incredibly encapsulating at the same time, definitely worth a watch, you may even shed a little tear, too.

Requiem for a Dream - (7/10 on the cry scale)

Requiem for a Dream

Requiem for a Dream never really for me, had any happy scenes. I just kind of watched the movie all depressed. Even though I loved it, I thought it was so encapsulating and engaging and the acting was brilliant. However, I just felt like afterwards I wanted to get really drunk. Oh well, every cloud has a silver lining and all that.

Remember Me - (5/10 on the cry scale)

Remember Me

Remember me is a movie that you never really see coming, the cry scale never seems to come to fruition and the more you watch it the more you think that it's just another rom com! oh goodie, then finally it happens and you're like, holy crap that kind of took me by surprise. It might not really make you cry although it will make you feel quite heavy after you watch it.

The Notebook - (6/10 on the cry scale)

The Notebook

Boo Hoo, I just recently watched The Notebook again and I found that I wasn't as sad this time when I watched it, I kind of felt quite happy with the final scene. Which, by the way is definitely the cry scene. There are a few moments in the movie that play with your heart strings and the story is quite lovely, you really find yourself rooting for the characters all the way through the movie. The Notebook might not make you cry like a girl, but if you're a girl, you'll probably cry.

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